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How To Groom Your Doodle Puppy: Avoid Matting

May 4, 2020

We love our doodles and know you will, too. However, caring for the fur of a Doodle puppy is different from other breeds and many new dog owners are not aware of how to care for their new pups' coats. Many doodles have medium-to-coarse coats with tight curls or softer, curly coats. It's essential to understand the type of coat your doodle has so you can care for it properly and help avoid matting.

What is Matting?

No matter if your Doodle has a wavy, straight, or curly coat, the troublesome issue of matting can still appear. The knotty problem of matting arises when individual hairs start curling and binding with each other. The growth of new hairs contributes to more tangles by intertwining, which can even form notable mats.

Several factors may cause matting in a dog's coat: inconsistent or incorrect grooming practices, humidity, the activity level of the dog, and even the dog's personal grooming habits. The thick and curly nature of a Doodle's coat makes it remarkably susceptible to mat development.

Neglected mats can distress your Doodle, leading to their self-pulling and biting at the skin as an attempt to release themselves from the discomfort of knots and tangles. This self-intervention can generate painful sores that are not only challenging and costly to remedy but also put your Doodle at risk of developing further skin conditions.

How to Avoid Matting

Matting can be avoided by proper grooming. Determine what type of coat your doodle has, and then follow our doodle grooming guide:

  • Coats shorter than 1 inch. If your Doodle puppy has a shorter coat, brush them 2-3 times a week to keep their coat soft and tangy-free. We do recommend professional grooming every 6-8 weeks to keep their coat healthy and looking fantastic!
  • Coats longer than 1 inch. A doodle with a longer coat will require daily brushing to reduce the risk of tangles. We recommend professional grooming every 2-4 weeks to keep their coat tangle-free!

Consistent brushing of your doodle's coat will free it from matting, knots, tangles, and debris from getting trapped in the fur.

Remember, a well-maintained doodle coat makes your pet look good and ensures their comfort and well-being. Consistent grooming, using the right tools, regular baths, professional help, and a healthy diet will significantly reduce the chances of matting.

Our Promise and Guarantee To You

We take great pride in our puppies and want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. That's why we offer a 1-year genetic life-threatening guarantee on all of our puppies. We also provide a certified veterinarian report for each puppy so you can be sure that they are healthy and happy.
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