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Our Current Litters

Serenely positioned on the floor, a small white dog with dainty pink bows exudes elegance.

Small Micro/Teacup Maltese

Nessie & Buddy-Puppy Parents
Current Litter

Small Micro/Teacup Goldendoodles

Nala & Watson-Puppy Parents
Current Litter

Teacup Goldendoodles 

Charlie & Roux Puppy Parents
Current Litter

Mini Goldendoodles

Zoe & Roux-Puppy Parents
Current Litter

Small Micro/Teacup Goldendoodles

Olive & Watson Puppy Parents
Current Litter

Small Teacup Bolonoodles

Betty Boop & Echo Puppy Parents
Current Litter

🐾 Looking for the Cutest Puppy to Bring Home? 🐶

Your search for the perfect furry friend ends here! Little Teton Doodles warmly welcomes you to a world of puppy love and companionship that will melt your heart. We understand that choosing the right puppy is an emotional decision, and we're here to make it an unforgettable experience.

🌟 Little Teton Doodles: Where Dreams of Puppy Love Come True 🌟

At Little Teton Doodles, we're not just another breeder – we're your partners in bringing joy and warmth into your life. Our collection of current litters is a treasure trove of heart-melting moments waiting to be shared with you. These precious pups are not just pets; they're family, and they're waiting for you to be a part of their story.

❤️ One Year Health Guarantee: Your Peace of Mind ❤️

We know that your puppy's well-being is your top priority. That's why every Little Teton Doodle comes with a one-year health guarantee. Our commitment to their health means you can focus on building a lifetime of beautiful memories together.

🤗 Socialized and Vet-Checked: Ready for Love ❤️

Our puppies are more than just adorable faces. They've been lovingly raised in a nurturing environment where socialization is key. Plus, they've had thorough vet-checks, ensuring that you're bringing home a happy and healthy bundle of joy.

🏡 Home, Sweet Home: Professional Breeding with Heart 🏡

Our professional breeders don't just do it as a job; they do it with love and passion. Little Teton Doodles believes in quality over quantity, ensuring that each puppy receives the care and attention they deserve from day one. Your new family member is already well on their way to being your perfect companion.

🌼 Hypoallergenic: Worry-Free Snuggles 🌼

Don't let allergies stand in the way of puppy love. Little Teton Doodle pups are hypoallergenic, making them the perfect choice for families with sensitivities. No more worries, just pure, unadulterated love and cuddles!

🐾 More Than Just a Pet: Lifelong Companions 🐾

When you adopt a Little Teton Doodle pup, you're not just bringing home a pet; you're gaining adventure buddies, loyal confidants, and cuddle companions all in one. Get ready for a world of tail wags and wet kisses that will fill your mornings and nights with boundless joy.

💫 Take Action Now: Discover Your New Best Friend! 💫

Don't miss out on the chance to bring happiness and love into your life. View our current litters and let your heart guide you to the puppy that will steal it forever. Little Teton Doodles is where dreams of puppy love come true – join us on this heartwarming journey today!

Our Promise and Guarantee To You

We take great pride in our puppies and want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. That's why we offer a 1-year genetic life-threatening guarantee on all of our puppies. We also provide a certified veterinarian report for each puppy so you can be sure that they are healthy and happy.
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