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What Do Dogs Want For Christmas? A Christmas Story

December 20, 2022
christmas dogs

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Snowflakes dance through the air, fireplaces crackle and make homes all the more cozy, and excitement builds and builds as Christmas approaches. More than a few people are wishing for Santa to bring them a dog and wondering who delivers Christmas presents to dogs. 

We have a special Christmassy blog for you this year, with a short story about just that! Gather ‘round, grab a cup of your favorite Christmassy beverage, and let’s see what dogs want for Christmas….

Nutmeg’s Christmas Wish

It was the week before Christmas, and all through the town, villagers hurried and bustled around. They all dodged Nutmeg, the little brown puppy who ran around at their feet. 

“Merry Christmas,” the baker said, not sounding very merry at all as he sent the teacher off with some treats.

Nutmeg barked enthusiastically along with the teacher’s laughing reply. It was merry! The baker’s daughter Alina laughed and barked along with her, before skipping off back home with an armful of bread for her grandparents. 

Nutmeg liked the bakery for its warmth, coziness, and tasty treats. She liked it even more when the baker brought Alina to work with him.

Alina stayed some days, was gone others. Even when she was only at the bakery for a little bit each day, those were the best parts of each day. 

They were the parts of the day when Nutmeg got a taste of what having a human of her own would be like.

Nutmeg loved Christmas. She loved the bright lights, she loved how happy everyone was, and she loved all the attention she got.

But it also made her sad as she curled up under the bakery’s stairs. Because even though people said hi, no one would take her home with them. When she rested her head on her paws, she saw other dogs happy with their humans. And she wished….

Oh, she wished more than anything in the world for a human to love her. Alina loved her, yes, but… She was not Alina’s. When Alina would ask her father, he would just tell her “we’ll see” and “ask Santa.”

The night grew dark, and the baker closed up shop. He crouched down by Nutmeg and left bowls of food and water by the stairs for her. He was a gruff, stocky man, but Nutmeg could tell he had a warm heart. He’d even added blankets to the sides of the stairs and given her one to use as a bed. 

Maybe Nutmeg needed to ask Santa if he could take her home with them too.

“Don’t give me those eyes,” the baker told Nutmeg sternly, even as he ruffled her ears. 

Nutmeg just gave him her very best pout, her tail wagging slowly. 

He looked torn.

Her hopes rose - but then he left, muttering under his breath.

Nutmeg ate and drank. She must have fallen asleep somewhere along the line, because the next thing she knew, it was morning and silver bells were ringing.

It was a beautiful Christmas morning, but Nutmeg was sad. 

She’d been so convinced that her wish would come true. Alina had told her all about how she was going to ask her father if they could bring her home, and that Nutmeg needed to wish too.

Nutmeg had, but…

Were those footsteps approaching?

Heavier ones… and - and lighter ones!

She knows those footsteps!

It’s the baker and his daughter!

Even if they don’t take her home, she needs to say hi!

But then the baker left last night, last night when Nutmeg was sure he wouldn’t.

The blanket covering the side of the stairs lifted, and the baker’s stern face met hers. “Are you ready to come home?”

She tilted her head to the side, not quite believing her ears until Alina’s face appeared beside her father’s. “Nutmeg! Nutmeg! You’re coming home!”




Nutmeg jumped up and ran around their feet. Alina hugged her close, laughing and crying. The baker pretended to be annoyed, but Nutmeg could see the glassiness in his eyes, she could tell seeing his daughter happy made him happy.

Home? And humans to love? Forever?

Oh, Santa must have heard her!

The baker gathered up the pans, saying gruffly, “She’s already as good as ours, may as well take her own and make it official.”

“Oh, you love her too, Papa!” Alina declared, and he couldn’t even deny it.

They took her home - home - to their lovely, warm cottage. Nutmeg got to cuddle up with them on the chairs and eat her food by the table as they ate and at night, Alina let her curl up into bed with her.

It was, without a doubt, the best Christmas ever.

What Does Your Dog Want For Christmas?

Probably nothing more than your love and attention and to be cared for. We here at Little Teton Doodles hope you have a wonderful holiday season. If you want some tips for how to make your furbaby feel extra special, we’d be happy to share some Christmassy ideas with you. We’d also be happy to make your family complete with a new, furry family member. Contact us today to learn more about the doodles we have available! 

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