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How to Help Your Puppy Adjust to a New Home

July 28, 2021

When you are trying to help your puppy adjust to a new home, there are several steps that you can take to help ease their transition. This will help them to get comfortable in their new home with you. It will also make it easier to introduce them to the other pets you have in your home. Here are a few of our best tips to help your puppy adjust to a new home. 

Help Your Puppy Adjust Gradually

Moving to a new home can be incredibly overwhelming for a puppy. In order to prevent them from becoming overstimulated, you will want to take the process of introducing them to the home relatively slowly. Start with introducing them to a limited space, such as a single room, before you give them full access to the rest of the home. You will also want to practice patience when you are helping your puppy adjust to a new home. If they are reluctant to receive affection, don’t force them to. Let them take their time with the adjustment. 

help your puppy adjust to a new home - a cute black puppy laying down.

Change Their Diet Slowly

Suddenly changing a puppy’s diet will result in digestive upset. It is important to ensure that you change their diet slowly to prevent this upset as much as possible. If possible, keep the puppy on the same food that the breeder was feeding them until the pup has settled into their new home. If you decide to change their food, you can slowly mix the two types to help them adjust to the new diet. Start with the majority of the old food mixed with a little of the new food and slowly increase the amount of the new food that you give them. 

Give Them Their Own Space

It is essential to ensure that your puppy has their own space when you are helping with their adjustment. This may be a small corner with a bed or a separate crate just for them. Ensure that they can retreat to this space when they are feeling overwhelmed or anxious. Providing this personal space will often help them to ease their transition. 

Maintain a Routine

Routines can be incredibly beneficial for your pets. When you help your puppy transition to a new home, it is useful to implement a routine as soon as possible. This will help to ensure that your puppy knows what to expect throughout the day, which enables them to adjust more easily. 

Create a Safe Environment

As a responsible pet owner, it is necessary to provide your pet with a safe environment. Take some time to puppy proof the areas that your pup will be allowed to access. This will help you to keep them safe while they adjust to your new property.

help your puppy adjust to a new home

Get Necessary Supplies

When you want to help your pup adjust to their new home, you will likely want to gather all of their necessary supplies before their arrival day. This will enable you to spend more time with them when you bring them home. This will also help you to set up their personal space in advance. 

Spend Time Together

Bonding time with your pup can help them to feel more comfortable around you. This will help to ensure that they are able to adjust more easily to their new home. Help introduce them to new people slowly to help them socialize, without causing unnecessary anxiety. 

Taking these steps will often make the transition easier on your new furbaby. At Little Teton Doodles, we are passionate about the happiness and health of our pups. Helping them to transition to their new home often helps to improve their happiness. For more information about how you can help your puppy adjust to a new home, contact us at Little Teton Doodles today!

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