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The Complete Guide to Choosing Your First Doodle Puppy

June 19, 2024

Choosing your first doodle puppy can be a lot of fun. But what is a doodle? A doodle is a cute dog that has one poodle parent plus another kind of dog. Doodle breeds have become very popular. People love them because they often have curly fur that doesn’t fall out much and because they are very friendly.

This guide will help you figure out how to pick the right doodle puppy for you. We will talk about what to look for in a puppy, how to find a good place to get one, and how to make sure they stay happy and healthy. Let's get started on our doodle adventure!

The Diverse World of Doodle Breeds

Doodle dogs are very popular pets. They come from mixing a poodle with another breed. There are many kinds of doodle breeds. Each one has its special look and personality. Here's more about them!

  • Labradoodle - A mix of a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle. They love to play and are very friendly.
  • Goldendoodle - They come from a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. These dogs are happy and love everyone. They also have a beautiful coat.
  • Cockapoo - This breed is a mix between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. They are small and can be great for families. They have a lot of energy and love to be with people.

Each breed has things that make it unique:

  • Size- Some are big, and some are small. It depends on what type of dog they were mixed with.
  • Coat Type- Their fur can be different, too. Some have curly fur, and others might have straight fur. They usually don't shed much.
  • Temperament- This means what they are like. Most are very friendly and love people. They can also be very smart and easy to train.

Finding Your First Doodle Puppy

When deciding on your first doodle puppy, think about your own life:

  • Space- Do you have a big yard or a small home?
  • Time- Do you have time to play and take care of a dog?
  • Activity Level- Are you very active or prefer staying calm and quiet?

Each doodle breed fits different kinds of lives. So, choose the one that matches how you live. That way, you and your puppy will be happy together.

White first doodle puppy with red collar.

Health and Genetic Considerations

When you decide to get your first doodle puppy, it's important to think about its health and where it comes from. Doodle dogs can have special health needs because of their breed. Understanding these can help you and your puppy enjoy a happy life together.

Importance of Genetic Testing

Getting a genetic test for your puppy can tell you about any health issues it might face. This helps the vet take better care of your puppy. Here are the common health issues in Doodle breeds:

  • Hip problems
  • Ear infections
  • Skin issues
  • Eye problems

Knowing about these problems can help you keep your puppy healthy.

How to Choose a Healthy Puppy

  • Vet checks: Before you bring a puppy home, make sure a vet checks it. The vet can tell if the puppy is healthy and has no big health problems.
  • Vaccinations: Puppies need shots to protect them from diseases. Make sure your puppy has all its shots before you take it home.
  • Healthy parents: Ask to see the puppy's parents. Healthy parents often mean healthy puppies.
  • Ask questions: Don't be shy to ask the breeder about the puppy's health history and care.

By paying attention to these points, you can pick a healthy first doodle puppy and be ready for a wonderful journey together.

The Right Breeder Matters

Getting your first doodle puppy is super exciting! But it's very important to find a good breeder. Here's how to tell if a breeder is responsible and what to be careful of.

  • A good breeder cares a lot about their puppies.
  • They make sure the puppies are happy, healthy, and ready for their new homes.
  • They also know a lot about doodle puppies and can help you understand how to take care of your new friend.

Red Flags to Watch Out For

  • The breeder doesn't let you see where the puppies live.
  • The puppies seem scared or sick.
  • The breeder doesn't ask you questions. They should want to know if you're a good match for the puppy.
  • The breeder doesn’t have any papers for the puppy's health or doesn't want to show them.

Questions to Ask a Breeder

  1. Can I meet the puppy's parents?
  2. How have you taken care of the puppy's health?
  3. Can I see where the puppies live?
  4. What food do you give the puppies?
  5. Can you tell me about the puppy's vaccinations?
  6. What do I do if I can't take care of the puppy anymore?

Remember, asking questions helps you know if the breeder is the best choice for your first doodle puppy. A good start for your new furry friend makes all the difference.

A brown first doodle puppy sitting in the grass.

Getting Ready For Your First Doodle Puppy

Getting ready for a puppy is exciting but also needs careful planning. Here are some simple tips to help you get started.

1. Gather Puppy Supplies

You will need a few critical items to welcome your first doodle puppy into your home. A crate is a must for a safe place for your puppy to sleep. Get a leash for walks. You must also buy toys that your puppy will love.

2. Puppy-Proof Your Home

Puppies are like small children; they like to explore. They may get into things they shouldn't. So, it is crucial to make your home safe for your puppy. Hide items that could harm your puppy. Keep them out of reach.

3. Set up a Routine for Your Puppy

Puppies need routine. Have a plan for feeding your puppy. Potty breaks should be regular and frequent. Giving your puppy a routine will help it know what to expect and when to expect it.

Following these steps will make incoming your first doodle puppy a memorable and enjoyable experience. Preparation is key, and your new furry friend will indeed feel welcome in its new home.

Cost Consideration for Owning a Doodle Puppy

Getting a pet is fun, but it also costs money. When you get your first doodle puppy, you should know about the different kinds of expenses that come with it. Let's break down what you'll spend money on.

1. Initial Costs

First, there's the cost to buy your puppy. Doodle puppies can be pricey. After you bring your new friend home, you need to go to the vet. The vet checks if the puppy is healthy and gives it shots to protect it from sickness. These first vet visits are very important, but they also cost dollars.

2. Ongoing Costs

Your puppy needs to eat. Good quality puppy food might be a bit expensive, but it helps your doodle grow strong and healthy. Your furry friend also needs to look good and feel good. That means regular grooming. Haircuts, baths, and nail trims are all part of grooming.

Puppies can get sick just like people do, so medical care is another cost. Regular check-ups at the vet make sure your doodle stays healthy. Sometimes, your puppy might need medicine, which can add to the bill.

3. Budgeting for Emergencies

What if your doodle puppy gets really sick or hurt? Emergency trips to the vet or surgery can happen. It can suddenly cost a lot of money. That’s why putting some money aside each month is smart. 

Just like a piggy bank for a rainy day, this money is for when your doodle needs urgent help. It gives your wallet a break and makes sure you can take care of your puppy no matter what.

Remember, taking care of a doodle puppy means planning for now and later. It’s not just about buying toys and giving cuddles. Being ready for all these costs makes you a great pet owner.

Tired brown doodle dog.

Starting Your Adventure with a Doodle

Different doodle breeds have unique looks and traits. You need space and time for a happy, healthy doodle. Always check the health of your first doodle puppy. Choose a breeder that really cares for their puppies. 

Owning a pet is for life. It's a big job but fills your life with joy. You get to spend your days with a playful, loving doodle. So, to all future doodle moms and dads, good luck. Enjoy every moment with your first doodle puppy.

Are you ready to start your doodle journey? Little Teton Doodles can help! We have adorable, healthy doodle puppies just waiting to find their forever homes. Together, we can find the perfect match for you. Don't wait! Your first doodle puppy is eager to meet you and start lots of fun adventures. Contact Little Teton Doodles today!

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