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What is a Cavoodles?

Cavoodles, also known as Cavadoodles, are beautiful pups inherit the best traits from their parents as they are outgoing, intelligent, and affectionate. These pups make a wonderful family dog as they are gentle and comfortable with children. Our puppies are well-behaved and ready for their new families within 8-10 weeks. We love these beautiful pups and know you will too!

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Cavoodles with Checked Orange Gray Ribbon
Cavoodle brown puppy peacefully rests on a soft blanket
A Cavoodle is a mix of a Poodle and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Our puppies are of the highest quality as they are bred in good health, and come from healthy crossbreeds. We give our puppies high-quality, grain-free food to ensure proper health and development. These furbabies are known for their kind, gentle, loving disposition.

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Cavoodle Sizes

Micro Cavoodles 
5 – 10 lbs

These fluffy-eared, gentle, kind pups are perfect for anyone seeking a snuggly companion. This puppy loves attention and is easy to train.

Teacup Cavoodles
8 – 15 lbs

This fun-loving, snuggly companion is ideal for your family! We love our teacup Cavoodles as they are hypoallergenic, gently, and loyal.

Toy Cavoodles
13 – 25 lbs

If you want a dog that loves their evening snuggles, daily walks, and is a family friend, you’ll love this pup as much as we do!

Mini Cavoodles
20 – 35 lbs

If you want a medium-sized family, friendly companion, we know you will love our Mini Cavoodles!
Three young brown poodle puppies are sitting on a soft rug, looking up at the camera with curious expressions. - How To Care For Goldendoodle Puppies
Teacup Babies
four toy puppies ready to be adopted
Toy Puppies
An adult poodle reclining on the floor, with its head resting on the surface

More About Cavoodles

It is important to keep in mind that every dog is different, but understanding general qualities and health expectations can help you to make the best decision where your lovable companion is concerned. This is why we require health testing for each of our parent dogs to avoid potential health complications. We love this breed because they are calm, loving dogs.
This fun-loving, kind, affectionate breed will make a wonderful addition to a family. Both parents of the Cavoodle have wonderful temperaments, a quality they have passed along to their puppies. Thanks to these outstanding qualities and their gentle energy level, they adapt well to different environments and personalities.
Health Expectations
Normally this adorable breed does not encounter major health risks. Certain genetic conditions could include eye defects and congenital heart problems. This is an intelligent breed, which does well with a routine such as daily walking and companionship playtime.
Life Expectancy
This breed has a diverse genetic makeup and normally has an average lifespan of 10-14 years. With routine visits to the veterinarian, a healthy diet, and quality living, your pup should live a happy, long life.
Allergies And Coats
Cavoodles normally have a dense, curly coat. However, we do have several litters who have produced the non-shed shaggy wave coat. These puppies are recommended for anyone with allergies as they do not shed and considered a hypoallergenic dog. The shedding of fur is based on the genetic makeup of the puppies, so some cross-breeds may be prone to mild shedding.
How Big Do They Get?
A Cavoodle is a small-to-medium-sized dog, depending upon the parents. We normally breed Teacup or Micro sizes for this breed.

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Our Promise and Guarantee To You

We take great pride in our puppies and want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. That's why we offer a 1-year genetic life-threatening guarantee on all of our puppies. We also provide a certified veterinarian report for each puppy so you can be sure that they are healthy and happy.
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